So come to the Cincinnati Computer Cooperative and WIN a party from The Party Source!

Now through May 31, when you come to The Cincinnati Computer Cooperative, you can win a $200 party from the region’s premier party planner and supplier, The Party Source. Choose from over 20,000 party items and throw the party of the year for all your friends!

And get a great computer at a great price:

All refurbished systems always start at $150 including free software. The Cooperative refurbishes high quality donated computers, installs free, licensed Microsoft Office software and sells the computers at a very low cost to those in need. (As a nonprofit, we have a mandate to sell to those in need.) You can buy from us if you are a student (K – postgraduate), buying for a student, over 55, on any form of public assistance, a school or a nonprofit. Laptops and desktops are Microsoft Registered Refurbished, and come with everything you need – virus protection and Microsoft Office Software.

We’re proud to say that everything is pre-installed for you:

You can use our computers from the very first minute you turn them on.

Desktop models range from $150 – $300. (Monitors sold separately)

Laptops range from $150 – $350.

All computers have a one year guarantee.

All come with free licensed software:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows Defender and Malwarebytes virus protection
  • This free, fully licensed software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

All computers have 4 or more gigs of RAM, with at least a 250 gigabyte hard drive or 120 gigabyte SSD. Processors come in a variety of speeds: the majority have Intel Core i3 or faster processors.

Remember you get a full year’s guarantee.